7 Highly Recommended Sardinian Dishes to Taste

Each one of us loves a good nosh. There’s no place in the globe where they prepare nice food as they do in Sardinia. Try to visit Sardinia and tasty dishes which are so fresh and unique. Your taste buds will scream with happiness each time you take a bite of the below seven highly recommended Sardinian dishes. Plan for a trip and enjoy these dishes;

Seafood Fregola with saffron

Fregola means breadcrumbs and it is pasta made of semolina and it is rolled into small balls. This dish is the most delicious and it will leave your taste buds satisfied. But the funny thing is that not everyone is aware that Sardinia is the main saffron which is produced in Italy. It requires a lot of time to be collected and dried. But the cost of the end product is just similar to that of the gold. If you find yourself in Italy, try to ask for this food and you’ll be surprised


Gnocchi Sardi


This is a traditional pasta dish and its shape is like that of a small conch shell. The dish is made from water, semolina and then flavored with saffron. It is a meatless dish but most restaurants cook it with local sausage. Surprise yourself taking gnocchi Sardi or malloreddus.


Suckling pig or porcheddu


It is the most famous dish. This dish is often cooked with myrtle leaves alongside or under the pig. The piglet is cooked for some hours and often it takes between four to five hours to cook. The result is a delicious piece of meat. This dish is usually served at special feasts such as large family gathering or weddings. Ask for suckling pig and you’ll see it being served on a cork tray.



Do you want dish which is high in protein but tender, sweet and low in fat? Try horsemeat and its taste will leave you asking for more. The dish is found on most restaurant menus, as well as, in the butcher shop. The dish is considered natural. If you’re planning to travel to Sardinia, ask for Cavallo



If you want the most famous but the most tasteful dish, then you need to ask for Bottarga. The dish originated from Cabras. The dish can be tasted in thin slices. You can also use it to dress pasta which is usually spaghetti or linguine.

Wild boar


Try to visit Sardinia during the winter months and you’ll choose wild boar as your meal of choice. The dish is lean, close-grained meat and also darker than pork. Wild boar is sweet and the best part is that it has a unique nutty flavor. The dish is high in protein and also much leaner even than pork. You can choose from grilled, smoked, salsiccia and in a great stew.


Spaghetti with sea urchin


Do you like raw seafood? Try this dish especially during November or April and you’ll fall in love with the dish. You can visit Castelsardo as from November to April and taste this food. If you’re a wine lover, then you can take it with Cannonau and you will get the real intense taste of this dish.


If you find yourself in Sardinia, then you will ask for any of the above dishes and ensure you accompany your dish with a good glass of local Sardinian wine.  Also, don’t forget to try recipes with dill pickles/ You will taste the intense taste of the above seven highly recommended Sardinian dishes to taste. Now you know the best dishes to taste!